I like fish!

Adrian Indermaur

Head of animal facility (Leiter Tierforschung) in the group of Walter Salzburger

Current research

I am responsible for the supervision, organization and development of our animal facility including the execution and permission of animal experiments as well as the build up and maintenance of our fish specimen collection. Also I am involved in preparation and assistance of our field-work in Zambia and Cameroon.

In addition to the above duties, I am involved in different research projects in the SalzburgerLab – an particularly in CICHLID~X – dealing with various topics such as genomics, ecological divergence, phylo-geography and taxonomy.

...and else?

I spend all the money I can save to travel the world - whenever possible. I love to explore different cultures and countries, of such especially those with good divesites. During the times at home I really enjoy a beer out with friends or once in a while a good movie. In winter I also like to get on my board and slide down the hills.

Curriculum vitae


Born in Chur (GR), Switzerland

2014- Head of Animal Facility (Leiter Tierforschung) in the research group of Walter Salzburger, Zoological Institute, University of Basel

2010 - 2014

PhD thesis at the Zoological Institute, University of Basel, supervised by Prof. Walter Salzburger: “Comparative Ecology and Phylogeography in East African cichlid fishes”

2007 - 2009

M.sc at the Department of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Basel

2004 - 2007

B.sc of animal- and plant science at the University of Basel