Alexandra Weber

PostDoc in the group of Prof. Walter Salzburger

Current Research

As an evolutionary biologist, I am very interested in studying the patterns and processes of speciation, especially at the genomic level. In addition, I’m also interested in studying local adaptation and the putative involved loci, and link molecular to phenotypic data.

I previously worked on the brittle star species complex Ophioderma longicauda, which has the interesting feature of emcompassing species with different reproductive modes (brooders and broadcast spawners). These differences in life-history traits (dispersal potential, fecundity and parental investment) have several important consequences, notably in terms of connectivity, genetic structure and genetic diversity.

My current project consists of studying the early phases of adaptive divergence in East African cichlids in the area of lake Tanganyika. More specifically, I am comparing individual genomes of lake and stream populations of three cichlid species, to infer the genomic signature of adaptive divergence and targeting potential loci involved in local adaptation.


Curriculum Vitae

1987 Born in Lausanne, CH
2015 -
PostDoc in the Salzburger Lab, University of Basel
2011 - 2015
PhD in oceanography, at the Mediterranean Institute of Biology and Ecology (IMBE), Aix-Marseille Université, F
2011Master project at the Department of Genetics and Evolution, University of Geneva, CH
2009 – 2011Master in Oceanography (marine biology and ecology) at Aix-Marseille Université, F
2006 - 2009 Bachelor of sciences in Biology, University of Lausanne, CH